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Feeding the .38 Snub

Makarov!  Well Worth the Money!

Best Buys in Handguns

A Critical Look at the SIG P-210 9mm

.38 Snub Vs. .357 Snub

Star Pistols

The "Old" and the "New"

Best Buys in Handguns, Part II: CZ and Ruger

A Critical Look at the CZ-75

Unsung Best Buy: A Critical Look at the Taurus PT-92

SIG-Sauer P-220 Chronograph Results

The Enduring Snubnose

Glock 26 Velocities

38 Special or 380 ACP?

Is the Single-Action Automatic Obsolete?

The Revolver: Obsolete or Enduring?

Comparison: 9x18mm Makarov & .380 Bersa Thunder Duo-Tone

A Comparison of 9x18mm Makarov, .380 ACP, and .38 Special (2" barrel)

A Look at the Springfield XD 9

My Choice in "Plastic Pistols"

The "Humble" .38 Special

Comparing the SIG-Sauer P230 & Bersa Thunder

Range Evaluation: Ruger GP100 w/3" Barrel

Have No Faith in Your Defensive Handgun Caliber or Load!

A Critical Look at the Walther PP Pistol

A "Short" Look at Snubs

My Favorite Revolver

Making the J-Frame .38 Snub Work

Getting a Grip…on J-frames!

Corbon .38 Special 110-gr. DPX Ammunition

Corbon .45 ACP 185-gr. DPX from SIG-Sauer P220 & 5" 1911

.45 ACP Golden Saber Field Report

Comparing the .44 Special & .45 Colt

A Critical Look at the Springfield Mil-Spec

A Critical Look at the Star Model BM

A Critical Look at the SIG-Sauer P225

A Critical Look at the Glock 17

CheyTac .45 ACP Law Enforcement Ammunition Test

Lightweight 1911 Pattern Pistols

A Critical Look at the Star Model 28

Corbon .45 ACP "Compact Gun Load" 160-gr. DPX

Range Evaluation: Ruger SP101 w/3 1/16" Barrel

Bersa Thunder .380 with Corbon 80-gr. DPX Ammunition

Handgun Review: Rohrbaugh R9 9mm

9mm vs. 38 Special: The Cartridges & the Guns

.38 Special Expansion Tests (Water)

A Look at Corbon .357 Magnum 125-gr. DPX Ammunition

.38 Special LSWCHP +P: Still a Top Load?

Corbon .45 Auto Rim 160-gr. DPX

Corbon .44 Special 200-gr. DPX

.38 Special Snub Ammo Test

Corbon .45 Colt DPX Test

Corbon .38 Super Ammo Tests

Range Evaluation: S&W Model 625 3"

Comparing the STI Trojan and Legacy

Springfield Armory Mil-Spec Update

9mm vs. 45

Single-Action vs. Double-Action Automatics

Personal Choices in .45 ACP Ammunition

Taurus 1911 & Ruger P345 by Aaron Brudenell

Taking a Look at the FNP9

What is the Best Automatic Action Type for Me?

Bargain Guns III

Can Less be More? A look at 357 Mid-Power Loads

House vs. Carry Handguns

Holsters by Eric: HBE Com 3

HK P7: A Triumph of Technology over Marketability? (by David Tong)

Shooting the S&W Model 10 Defensively

Range Report: SIG-Sauer P-220 SAS (DAK)

Shooting the S&W Model 12

Shooting the S&W Model 14-3

New Grips for my Makarovs

Colt Enhanced Stainless Combat Commander (by David Tong)

First Shots: S&W Model 66-2

The Defensive Makarov Revisited

Range Report: Bersa Series 95 .380 ACP (Nickled)

Falcon Industries 1911 Ergo Grips

38 S&W (The OTHER .38) by Aaron Brudenell

44, 45 and 460 Caliber Quick Strips from Tuff Products

Two Magazine Carriers from Tuff Products

Holsters by Tuff Products and AKJ Concealco (by Aaron L. Brudenell)

My Personal S&W Model 10 "Carry Gun"

The S&W Model 10 Family

The S&W Model 19 Family

Range Report: Ruger SP101, a Thousand Rounds Later

Smith & Wesson J, K, L and N-Frame Comparisons

Comparing the S&W Model 60-9 to Ruger SP101

Pocket Guns: Glock 26 vs. S&W J-frame Airweight?

.38 Special Ammunition from Lapua and Prvi Partizan

Shooting the CZ Kadet .22 LR Conversion

Shooting the Glock 19

Shooting the Glock 19: Part II

The Wonderful S&W K-Frames

Eagle Secret Service Stocks for S&W Round Butt K-Frames

Arotek Night Sights: Glock 17

User Report: Tuff Products’ “Pocket-Roo” Holster

Tuff Products: Update on "Pocket-Roo" Snub Revolver Holster

Dan Wesson Patriot: 8 Years Later

Federal .45 ACP 230-gr. Hydrashok Field-Report: Failure to Expand

SIG-Sauer P220 Thin Stocks

Shooting the Glock 17L

Shooting the Beretta 9mm PX4 Storm

The Defensive 380 ACP: Capable Compact or Ballistic Loser?

Favorite Handguns: S&W Model 64 Snub

Updated: Beretta 9mm PX4 Storm

.38 Special "FBI Load" Velocities from J-Frame Snubs

SIG-Sauer P220's and SWC Ammunition

Choosing a Defensive Handgun: Individual Requirements

Favorite Handguns: S&W Models 64 and 65 with 3" Barrels

House Guns and the 24/7 Solution

Shooting the CZ Kadet Part II

Shooting the Glock 17L: Part II

Shooting My Custom Star Model B

Long-Term Observations & Short-Term Hopes: SIG-SAUER P220

Shooting the 45-Caliber Beretta PX4 Storm

Hogue "Extreme" Series Checkered Aluminum Stocks for SIG-SAUER P220

Taking a Look at the FNX9 Pistol

Shooting the FNX9 Pt. II: Self-Defense Considerations

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