Defensive Handguns

by Stephen A. Camp

This book is primarily focused on suggestions of what gun to shoot and is not aimed at tactics and techniques.  While somewhat humorous in places, serious information is provided and many questions are answered.  There are numerous B&W photographs throughout the book.

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This book provides information to help the reader in the judicious selection of the handgun for either lawful concealed carry or home defense.  Topics discussed range from action types and their respective strengths and weaknesses to "stopping power" and shooting impressions of handguns from snub revolvers to the larger calibers.  Other sections cover car guns and handguns for home protection.  Mental aspects, customization suggestions, sights, and auxiliary equipment are included.  Holster selection is heavily discussed from two holster makers as well as a fellow who's tried them all. 

Levels of commitment are discussed, and real life shootings and their outcomes are included as well.  This book provides essential information for the newer shooter or person deciding to take responsibility for his own safety.  At the same time, I've tried hard to make it interesting and of use to the more experienced defensive handgunner.  This material is based on 25 years of carrying a defensive handgun from a peace officer's perspective, both on and off-duty.  I have shared my observations as both a police firearms instructor and a concealed handgun license instructor for the State of Texas. 

Cost:  8 1/2" x 11" (134 pages of text)  $22.95 + $5.00 S&H - lays flat, larger photos, spiral bound (NOT hard cover)

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