Handgun Sights


   On some defensive handguns, you'll have the choice of fixed or adjust-

   able sights.  The latter will cost more, but offer the ability to easily adjust

   point of aim to point of impact.  The trade-off is that they're not as robust

   as fixed sights and possibly more prone to inadvertently snagging on

   clothing if drawn from concealment.  (Other than for pocket guns, I've

   never seen this happen.  That does not mean that it cannot!)





                                                    Figure 24.  This high-visibility fixed

                                                    sight is less easy to adjust for

                                                    different loads, but is durable and

                                                    not likely to snag when the pistol is

                                                     drawn from concealment.









                                                            Figure 25.  Though "low-   

                                                            mounted" on the slide, the DW

                                                            Patriot Expert adjustable rear

                                                            sight is larger than most fixed

                                                            sights and can break.  It does

                                                            make getting POA to exact POI

                                                            at a given distance easier.


  In most cases, you can have night sights as an option on newer handguns.

  Usually, these sights will have a tritium dot on the front sight with the same

  on either side of the rear sight notch.  These glow in the dark and are an