I bought a Colt Government Model .45, but I am not comfortable carrying it cocked-and-locked.  What do you recommend I do? I have had it 2 years, but am still nervous carrying it this way. If your primary purpose in owning the gun is self-protection while carrying, I'd sell or trade it for something I felt comfortable with and would become proficient with that gun.  Carrying with the hammer down on a loaded chamber is risky because the hammer must be manually lowered all the way down, not to "half-cock" and trying to cock it for immediate use can be a fumbling affair and cost precious time that you do not have in many instances. Condition 3 carry (magazine loaded/chamber empty) possibly makes some sense for home protection as you might have some warning that you're in danger and more time than on the street. This type carry can be fast in practiced hands, but the key word is "hands".  It assumes that you will have both hands free. Rounds can be chambered without two hands, but this requires practice to do quickly.


Were I not happy with the 1911 and Condition One (cocked-and-locked) carry, I'd probably go with the SIG-Sauer P220 which is most available in .45 ACP, a round you are already familiar with.