What do you know about Aguila 9mm ammo?  Is it any good? I don't "know" much about it at all.  I've only fired a few rounds of it in .45 ACP from a Kimber Custom Classic and a shooting friend fired a few rounds from his 5" Les Baer. We were shooting near dusk and I recall pretty big muzzle flashes, low recoil, but "sharp" report from the forty-fives. This was a good while back and I do not have any velocity figures that I can find.


I have fired less than forty rounds of it in 9mm with part being fired from a Glock 26 and the rest from a CZ-75. My "knowledge" is limited at best, but from these two pistols, with this lot of ammo, accuracy was more than satisfactory.


As can be seen here, it grouped very well at 15 yards from a CZ-75.  Results were about the same from the Glock 26.


I've received quite a few questions concerning this ammunition and have noted it being available at a local gun shop at about $10 for a box of 20 rounds. The relatively low price and high velocity may be one reason for the sizeable number of questions concerning it.


This is what it looks like and how it's currently packaged. I believe it is made in Mexico with a stated velocity of 1500 ft/sec for the 65-gr. zinc hollow point bullet.


The average velocities listed below are based on 10 shots fired approximately 10' from the chronograph screens.


Pistol                                                                     Average Velocity (ft/sec)


Glock 26                                                                               1517

Extreme Spread: 64

Std. Deviation: 23


CZ-75                                                                                     1492

Extreme Spread: 24

Std. Deviation: 12


It was more consistent in the CZ than the Glock, but a bit faster in the Glock despite its shorter barrel. From my view, this is pretty darned close to the company's claim of "1500 ft/sec velocity."


Unlike the forty-five, I noted no difference in the 9mm's bark, but did notice that the felt recoil is very low. Again, my actual "hands on" experience with it is limited, but there were zero failures to fire nor any malfunctions with this ammunition.  I could be wrong, but I don't think it is a +P round. The Glaser 80-gr. Silver Pre-fragmented Safety Slug gets essentially the same velocity from the Glock 26 at 1514 ft/sec, but the Aguila IQ recoil felt distinctly less than the Glaser.  Perhaps it's right on the edge, between standard and +P ratings?  I don't know.  There is no +P designation on the box or the headstamp.


The round is supposed to break into three equal pieces to increase the wounding ability of the round and is reminiscent of Triton's "Quik Shok," although in 9mm, the bullets were significantly heavier than 65 grains and the cartridges were rated +P. My limited experience with them on javelina was less than spectacular while the same company's JHP rounds worked very well.


Folks firing the 9mm IQ into 10% ballistic gelatin report it fragmenting into 3 pieces at about 2.5 to just under 5" when striking bare gelatin and between approximately 7 and 9" when 4 layers of denim are penetrated first. Others report that on occasion, only one piece breaks off and the rest penetrates like a solid.


In the "scientific water jug testing" I did with it from the Glock 26, it penetrated into the second gallon jug after exploding the first. I was unable to find all of the pieces, but it did fragment into more than three roughly equal petals and base.


It did wreak havoc on water jugs, at least the first one, impacting at an average velocity of just over 1500 ft/sec.


Not being a "stopping power" guru, I have not heard of anyone in the US being shot with this load…or the forty-five for that matter. That doesn't mean that it might not have occurred, but only that I don't know about it. I suspect that it might be similar to a Glaser Safety Slug in that if a straight on, unobstructed shot into the upper chest is made, it'll "work." If not, it very well might fail unless the shot party goes down for psychological rather than physiological reasons. I do have concerns about its ability to adequately penetrate deeply enough into a torso to hit vitals after striking an intermediate barrier like an arm. For right now, I'm not inclined to use it for any defensive purpose as there's simply not enough known about it.


What I am inclined to do is buy a few more boxes of the stuff and see how it does from other 9mm handguns like the Browning Hi Power, Star, etc. and report back.  I'll also make an effort to shoot some small game with it and see what happens.  I've seen more than a few varmints popped with various 9mm high-performance loads and will at least have something relative to gauge the Aguila's performance by. This will take a while, but I will report back when something more is "known."