9mm FN Competition Velocities



Unless otherwise noted, all velocities are based on 10-shot averages taken with the pistol being fired approximately 10' from the screens. The barrel will be the standard 6"factory barrel unless mentioned otherwise.  Velocities are in ft/sec as are extreme spreads and standard deviations. As there can be variations between certain lots of ammunition, the velocities shown are the ones more consistently in the same "ball park" as seen over several test sessions. Some loads shown are no longer produced, but are included because this ammunition is still being used by some Hi Power shooters. This information will be updated when new loads are chronographed or if significant changes are seen in any previously tested. An asterisk indicates that the load is no longer produced.


                                Ammunition                             Average Velocity               Extreme Spread                    Std. Deviation


                            Glaser Silver 80-gr

                            Pre-Frag                                                 1640                                        33                                             11


                            Winchester USA 115-gr FMJ             1223                                        28                                             11


                            Fiocchi 115-gr FMJ                              1287                                        24                                             10


                            Remington 115-gr JHP +P                   1308                                        15                                               7


                            Corbon 115-gr JHP +P                         1466                                        43                                             17


                            Federal 124-gr Nyclad HP*                 1190                                        N/A                                        N/A


                            Remington 124-gr Golden

                            Saber JHP (std. pressure)                   1137                                        N/A                                        N/A


                            Triton 125-gr Hi Vel JHP +P*             1348                                        18                                              7