Two Ross Holsters for the Browning Hi Power


I recently received two Ross Leather, Inc., holsters for the Browning Hi Power.  Both are tan, suede-lined, and have thumb break retention.


Both of these Ross Leather holsters are for the Browning Hi Power and both are comfortable, securely hold the gun, and conceal well.  It's not a problem to conceal a Hi Power with one of these holsters under a light jacket or sport coat using either holster. The models are M5S (full coverage holster) and M8S (Belt slide).


Pistol fit is snug.  The gun does not drop out if the holster is turned upside down without the thumb break snapped.


The thumb break is re-enforced with steel to insure quick release and access to the pistol.


Some people question the need for a thumb break or any retention other than holster fit itself to retain a concealed handgun.  Others prefer the "belt and suspenders" approach to carrying a cocked-and-locked handgun and like the heavy strip of leather between the hammer and firing pin that the thumb break provides.  Making 25 draws from beneath a jacket resulted in zero missing of the thumb break and the gun was quick to be presented.  If any speed is sacrificed in using the retention system, I did not notice it. The semi-post front sight on this Hi Power did not come out with particles of suede or leather along the edges. Ross Leather built the holster to fit snugly, but provides clearance for the front sight blade. 


If the Hi Power was drawn and then reholstered while on the run, the gun would remain in place with or without the snap engaged. That said, I had no problem in securing the thumb break.


This thumb break was secure yet quick to release and held the gun rigidly in place.


The thumb break on the belt slide holster was wider than on this one that provides full coverage of the pistol other than what is shown in the picture.  The bottom is closed.


A problem occasionally seen with thumb break holsters is fore and aft movement of the thumb break moving the gun's safety into the "off" position. I was able to make these do that, but only when "working" at it.  When worn and the gun holstered, normal movement has not resulted in this regardless of my position, activity, etc.


I carried the Mk III 9mm Hi Power in each holster for roughly a day concealed and in public, as well as around the house.  This is not a long test, but one in which I found either to be quite comfortable allowing the pistol to be drawn from about any position. Seat belted in the car was the only difficult position in this regard, but it frequently is with any right-side belt holster.


This Browning 9mm Mk III was easy to carry in the Ross M8S. I've always been partial to belt slides and like this one quite well. While it is the nature of the belt slide to leave a good portion of the gun exposed, Ross Leather's version has a wider thumb break on the outside to provide as much coverage as it can. Both holsters properly turned the butt of the gun toward the body to reduce chances of "printing" while carrying concealed.




Ready to go, this Hi Power and Ross Leather M8S make a nice carry combination.


The M5S will be accompanying me on trips in the field where more complete coverage of the sidearm can be a good thing.  That said, it also conceals nicely for those preferring that style holster to the more abbreviated models.


Here we see the Ross Leather, Inc. M5S. This is a very functional holster and one I'll be using when in the boonies. I like the fit and the gun is about as protected as one can be short of using a flap holster. The pistol is well secured but instantly available.

Holsters from Ross Leather, Inc are available with or without suede lining.  As you can see, the suede in this one is firmly secured and nicely done.


These holsters are double-stitched in high stress areas and should provide years of service to owners.



From what I've seen, these holsters are worth the money and allow most of us to afford and use a holster that is both well made and long lasting.


Ross Leather, Inc has been manufacturing affordable, well-made leather products for nearly 30 years. I am advised that they use 7 to 8 ounce leather for thicker items such as western holsters and belts while standard holsters such as those shown use 4 to 5 ounce leather.


At this time, the M8 goes for $61.43 and the M5, $72.98, retail price.


Discounts are available:


NRA Discount: 10%

Law Enforcement/Military Discount: 15% (This applies to active, retired, or reserve status.)


They are located at 7249 9th Avenue NW, Bradenton, Florida 34209 and can be reached at (800) 929-8270 or FAX at (941) 795-7789.


Should you have any questions concerning holster types and models, contact Ross Leather, Inc. They are easy to visit with and offer a good selection of leather products for handgun users.