Carried by those knowingly going into harm's way as well as honest

    citizens wanting a small but potent "ally", Smith & Wesson's Airweight

    revolvers have been a popular choice for both experienced users and

    neophytes for decades. With the nationwide increase in lawful concealed

    carry, more people are viewing the Airweight snub with extreme



    This book is a user's manual and was written with a focus on understanding

    the little snub's characteristics as a self-defense tool.  Both strong and

    weaker points of the design are covered.  Detailed range evaluations are   

    provided with 130 black-and-white photographs accompanying 138 pages

    of text.  Other areas of concern include chapters on:


                                Why Choose a Revolver?

                                What About "Firepower"?

                                Grips for Airweight J's

                                .38 Special Airweights and +P Ammunition

                                Standard  Pressure .38 Special Ammunition

                                Pro's and Con's of Pocket Carry

                                Comparing Snub Ballistics of the .38 vs. .357

                                Stopping Power

                                Practice When Ammo is in Short Supply


    Detailed descriptions and range evaluations on S&W Models 37-2, 638, 442

    and 642 are all included and they are compared and contrasted one to



    This book seeks to provide information on all aspects of actually carrying

    the Airweight J long-term and effectively using it if necessary.



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