Paid in Full


A Novel of Revenge




Stephen A. Camp



How long can decent people remain law-abiding when a corrupt legal system refuses to provide any measure of protection from a south Texas criminal and his sadistic son? With justice denied, how long before revenge and murder become acceptable substitutes and the gun replaces the gavel?


Meet Benjamin Isaac Tauber, naturalized American citizen, gentleman and former Israeli Special Forces soldier.  How long can he stand by and see his friends tormented, tortured or shot at the whim of south Texas crime entrepreneur Ralph Westerhaus? How long can he survive attempts on his own life?


Some debts require blood payment with the rate of exchange determined by body count, but as Tauber prepares to collect, the unexpected happens. Like a dark night's unpredicted cold wind, an unseen malevolent presence invades Will Wright County.


Will this presence damn Tauber…or provide his deliverance from evil?



We are no longer offering this book in the paperback version, and it is currently only available in 8.5" x 11" spiral-bound form - 172 full size pages in 10-pitch font. Word count is 159,402, a bit longer than most similarly priced works of fiction. It is written for shooters by a shooter. Many of us might have had thoughts of revenge, but never carried them out.  Benjamin Tauber does


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