Hakan Browning Hi Power Stocks


Mr. Hakan Pek is a one-man show operating out of Norway. He builds handgun grips and is well known to CZ 75 fans as he makes various versions of his classy grips for these handguns.  He offers grips for some other handguns including 1911 pistols.


Hakan Pek's grips have more than a few fans in the ranks of CZ-75 afficianados.


Mr. Pek has received requests for Browning Hi Power grips, but there was a major problem.  In Norway, he could not own a functional Hi Power pistol and did not have access to one.  For quite a while, he and I corresponded and measurements, descriptions, and photographs sent back and forth in an effort to make Hi Power grips by Hakan a reality.   Early trial grips were sent my way, but we just couldn't get them to fit properly.


Taking the bull by the horns, Mr. Pek bought a Browning Hi Power but had to immediately have it deactivated permanently to keep it.  He did this in order to have a pattern from which to make the grips.

This worked!


As you might know, until the early '90's, Hi Powers had forged frames. Since that time, whether marked "Browning" or "FN" they have cast frames.  (Yes, they hold up quite well and are probably tougher than the original forged ones.) There are slight dimensional differences between the two types of frames and this creates hell for the grip-maker.


These are the Browning factory stocks that came on this '71 commercial 9mm Hi Power.  The "problem area" around the magazine well is visible.


Spegel grips fit fine, but the problem area is still visible.


The problem area on Hi Powers has always been the grip-to-frame fit visible around the magazine well.  It appears that most grip manufacturers used the older forged frame guns for their patterns.  As a result, their grips fit the cast frame guns, but this problem area was a bit worse.


Hakan's Hi Power grips are also "victims" of the Hi Power problem area, but fit as well as anyone else's grips and better than some! Even the factory grips that came on this gun were not free of this.


Hakan's pattern is a forged frame as well.


Yesterday I received his prototype grips for the Hi Power to try.  As far as I know, these are the only functional Hakan Pek Hi Power grips in existence.


Hakan's Hi Power grips fit the forged frame '71 Hi Power snugly and are pleasing to the eye as well.


That won't stay that way for long.


These grips are exceptionally comfortable and good-looking.  I asked him to do his partial stippling on these and guess what?  He is not getting' these back!


Here are the Hakan Hi Power prototype grips on the cast frame 9mm Mk III. Dimensional changes between the cast and forged frame reek havoc for grip makers. This is the only area not perfect and it seems to be so for all grip makers' products I've seen.


Fit is good around the factory extended thumb safety and it moves freely both up and down. The grip does not block easy upward motion to engage the safety.


Fit is quite satisfactory around the magazine release on the '71 commercial and two other Mk III pistols.  No fitting was required for these guns to fit.  It is not uncommon to have to open up grip screw holes in some grips to get them to fit.  Hakan's grips fit as they came.


One of the first things I do with Hi Power grips is to see how snugly they fit the frame when in place without the screw.  This is usually a good indicator of whether or not they'll move fore and aft should that grip's grip screw get loose during shooting.  Mr. Pek's grips fit snugly with no tendency to move. The grips do not extend too far into the magazine well to impede free movement of the magazine.  They allow for the use of current extended factory thumb safeties.  I do not have any ambidextrous safeties on my guns, but do have the factory extended on the left side of the gun for a right-handed shooter.


Hakan's Hi Power grips on a Mk III pistol from the right side.


Comparing these stocks with two others (Browning factory wood & Spegel delrin), I measured their width when on a Hi Power. 


         Browning: 1.40"

         Spegel: 1.37"

         Hakan: 1.42"


Mr. Pek's grips are more rounded than either of the other two, but he can alter that as well as grip thickness as per the customer's instructions.


Hakan's grips come in smooth or textured surface variations.  See his site for more information. These add functionality and good looks to this Mk III.


I think Hakan has produced a winner and predict that he'll be making more than a few of these sets of grips for this classic handgun.  These are very attractive yet functional grips.


For prices, styles, and availability, contact Mr. Pek via his site which is located at:



Contact information is there as are pictures of his excellent grip styles. You will find Mr. Pek to be a gentleman of his word and a pleasure to deal with.