What company makes the best 1911 in your opinion?  Right now, I'd say STI.  I only own two, and they do cost a little more than some other similar 1911 pistols, but I've never had a moment's trouble with any of them.  I highly recommend the STI Trojan. There are some cosmetic features about the guns I don't really like, but in terms of delivering extreme accuracy and reliability, I'd go STI over any of the rest.  I own other 1911 pistols, but think that until you get into the custom gunsmith hand-built 1911s, the STI offers the most for the money.


Some may recall that a time back, I reviewed a Dan Wesson Patriot .45 that was in stainless steel with adjustable sights.  The gun was really grand and I believe will shoot as tightly as the Trojan.  It appears that Dan Wesson's quality is suffering a bit as they're struggling to keep up with demand.  We've all seen this with some other makers, but right now, I cannot recommend Dan Wesson other than to say that if you get a "good" one, it is just that, good.  If you don't, they'll make it right, but this can be very inconvenient to most buyers.


Both STI and Dan Wesson offer excellent customer support and will do their best to make you happy.