I Am Smitten!

                            The .45 ACP Cartridge

                                      230-gr. FMJ Loads

                                      Expanding Bullet Loads

                                      Magsafe 96-gr. Defender +P

                                      Aguila 117-gr. IQ Hollow Point

                                      Glaser Silver 145-gr. Safety Slug +P

                                      Federal 165-gr. Hydrashok

                                      Triton 165-gr. QuikShok +P

                                      Corbon 165-gr. PowRball +P

                                      Federal Classic 185-gr. JHP

                                      Corbon 185-gr. JHP +P

                                      Remington 185-gr. JHP +P

                                      Taurus 185-gr. Hex Head

                                      Winchester 185-gr. Silvertip

                                      Hornady 200-gr. XTP +P

                                      CCI/Speer Lawman 200-gr. JHP

                                      Corbon 200-gr. JHP +P

                                      Federal 230-gr. Hydrashok

                                      Federal 230-gr. Hi Shok JHP

                                      Winchester 230-gr. Subsonic "Deep Penetrator"

                                      Winchester 230-gr. Black Talon

                                      Winchester 230-gr. Ranger SXT

                                      Speer 230-gr. Gold Dot

                                      Remington 230-gr. Golden Saber

                                      Hornady 230-gr. XTP +P

                                      Final Observations on .45 ACP Ammunition

                            Why is the 1911 So Popular

                            Range Evaluations

                            Steel Frame 5" 1911's

                                      Range Evaluation:  Springfield Armory WWI Mil-Spec .45 ACP

                                      Range Evaluation:  Norinco 1911 Pistol

                                      Range Evaluation:  Kinber Custom Classic

                                      Range Evaluation:  Springfield Loaded 5" Stainless

                                      Range Evaluation:  Colt Mk IV Series 80 Government Model

                                      Range Evaluation:  Colt National Match

                                      Range Evaluation:  Caspian/Colt by Gunsmith, Lou Williamson

                                      Range Evaluation:  Dan Wesson Patriot Expert

                                      Range Evaluation:  STI Trojan

                            Lightweight 5" 1911's

                                      Range Evaluation:  Springfield Armory LW 5"

                            Commanders:  Lightweight and All-Steel

                                      Range Evaluation:  Colt Commander


                                      Range Evaluation:  Colt Defender & Kimber Ultra CDP

                            Long Slides

                                      Range Evaluation:  Custom Caspian Long Slide .45 ACP

                            Other Calibers


                                      Range Evaluation:  STI 9mm Trojan 6" Long Slide

                                      .38 Super

                                      Range Evaluation:  STI .38 Super 5" Trojan


                                      Range Evaluation:  Colt 10mm Delta Elite

                                      Final Thoughts on Other Caliber 1911 Pistols

                            .22 Conversion Units

                                      Range Evaluation:  Kimber Platinum .22 Kit


                                      Zeroing Fixed Sights

                                      Adjustable Sights


                            Front Grip Straps

                            Mainspring Housings


                            Barrels, Bushings, and Accuracy

                            Full-Length Guide Rods or Not?

                            Forward Slide Serrations

                            Thumb Safeties and Slide Stops

                            Grip Safety Selection



                            Firing Pins and Stops

                            Hammers and Sears

                            Extractors and Ejectors

                            Feed Ramps:  Traditional or One-Piece?


                            MIM, Cast, or Forged?

                            Magazines and Magazine Releases

                            How it Works

                            Why Won't It Work?

                            Safety Checks for the 1911

                            Variations by Brand

                            Firing Pin Safeties

                            Disabling Safety Systems

                            The Defensive 1911

                            Modes of Carry


                            Magazine Disassembly

                            Cleaning and Maintenance






                            Figure 1.  Customized 1911 and Ammunition

                            Figure 2.  Aguila Expanded Bullet

                            Figure 3.  Corbon .45 PowRball Expanded

                            Figure 4.  Federal 185-gr. JHP Expanded

                            Figure 5.  Taurus 185-gr. JHP

                            Figure 6.  Deer Killed with Hornady 200-gr. XTP

                            Figure 7.  Corbon 200-gr. JHP Expanded

                            Figure 8.  Changes in Federal Hydrashok Profile

                            Figure 9.  Federal 230-gr. Hydrashok Expanded

                            Figure 10.  Federal 230-gr. Classic JHP Expanded

                            Figure 11.  Winchester 230-gr. Subsonic JHP Expanded

                            Figure 12.  Winchester Black Talon Expanded

                            Figure 13.  Winchester Ranger SXT Expanded

                            Figure 14.  Remington 230-gr. Golden Saber Expanded

                            Figure 15.  Hornady 230-gr. XTP Expanded

                            Figure 16.  Winchester Ranger Ammunition

                            Figure 17.  Les Baer 1911

                            Figure 18.  Springfield Armory GI Mill-Spec

                            Figure 19.  Mill-Spec 15-yd. Groups

                            Figure 20.  Customized Norinco 1911

                            Figure 21.  Kimber Custom Classic

                            Figure 22.  Kimber Custom Classic 25-yd. Group

                            Figure 23.  Springfield Loaded with Snub .38

                            Figure 24.  Colt Series 80 Mark IV

                            Figure 25.  Customized Colt National Match

                            Figure 26.  Customized Caspian Colt

                            Figure 27.  Kart Barrel Bushing and Group

                            Figure 28.  Dan Wesson Patriot Expert

                            Figure 29.  Dan Wesson with Magazines

                            Figure 30.  Dan Wesson External Extractor

                            Figure 31.  Internal 1911 Extractor Claw

                            Figure 32.  Broken Dan Wesson Magazine Release

                            Figure 33.  STI Trojan and 25-yd. Groups

                            Figure 34.  STI Trojan .45 ACP

                            Figure 35.  Springfield Lightweight 1911 and Kimber

                            Figure 36.  Springfield Lightweight and Target

                            Figure 37.  Springfield Lightweight 15-yd. Groups

                            Figure 38.  Springfield Lightweight 25-yd. Group.

                            Figure 39.  Custom Colt Commander

                            Figure 40.  Colt Commander and Rapid-Fire Group

                            Figure 41.  Colt Commander 15-yd. Groups

                            Figure 42.  Colt Commander 25-yd. Group

                            Figure 43.  Colt Commander 50-yd. Group

                            Figure 44.  Colt Defender Muzzle

                            Figure 45.  Colt Defender and Kimber Ultra CDP

                            Figure 46.  Colt Defender .45

                            Figure 47.  Colt Defender 15-yd. Group

                            Figure 48.  Kimber Ultra CDP 15-yd. Group

                            Figure 49.  Kimber Ultra CDP

                            Figure 50.  Colt Defender and Expanded Ammunition

                            Figure 51.  Custom Caspian Long Slide

                            Figure 52.  Custom Caspian Long Slide 25-yd. Group

                            Figure 53.  Custom Caspian Long Slide 50-yd. Group

                            Figure 54.  STI 9mm 15-yd. Groups

                            Figure 55.  STI 9mm 50-yd Group

                            Figure 56.  STI Trojan 6"

                            Figure 57.  Deer Killed with STI 9mm

                            Figure 58.  STI .38 Super 1-Piece Feed Ramp

                            Figure 59.  STI Trojan .38 Super

                            Figure 60.  STI Trojan .38 Super 50-yd. Group

                            Figure 61.  Expanded 147-gr. XTPs from .38 Super

                            Figure 62.  Expanded .38 Super Corbon Bullets

                            Figure 63.  Colt Delta Elite

                            Figure 64.  Colt Delta Elite Combat Groups

                            Figure 65.  Colt Delta 10mm 25-yd. Group

                            Figure 66.  Colt Delta Elite Grip Safety Tang

                            Figure 67.  Kimber Platinum .22 Conversion

                            Figure 68.  Kimber .22 Conversion 15-yd. Groups

                            Figure 69.  Kimber Platinum .22 Magazine Lips

                            Figure 70.  Patriot 1911

                            Figure 71.  K-Tappen Rear Sight

                            Figure 72.  Les Baer 1911

                            Figure 73. Proper Sight Picture

                            Figure 74.  STI Post Front Sight from Top

                            Figure 75.  Serrated Ramp Front Sight

                            Figure 76.  Bomar Adjustable Rear Sight

                            Figure 77.  STI Adjustable Rear Sight

                            Figure 78.  S&W Revolver Sight on 1911

                            Figure 79.  Millett Adjustable Revolver Sight on Star Pistol

                            Figure 80.  MMC Rear Sight

                            Figure 81.  Hakan Pek 1911 Grips

                            Figure 82.  Micarta Grips

                            Figure 83.  Checkered 1911 Grip with Diamond

                            Figure 84.  Caspian Frame with 20 LPI Checkering

                            Figure 85.  STI Front Strap

                            Figure 86.  Anti-Skid Tape on Front Strap

                            Figure 87.  Wilson Drop-In Checkered Front Strap Cover

                            Figure 88.  Cracked Plastic Mainspring Housing

                            Figure 89.  Disassembled Mainspring Housing

                            Figure 90.  Tapered Mainspring Cap

                            Figure 91.  Long Trigger

                            Figure 92.  Jeweled Trigger

                            Figure 93.  STI Long Trigger

                            Figure 94.  Long Trigger with Arched Housing

                            Figure 95.  Kimber Barrel Crown

                            Figure 96.  Crowned Kart Barrel

                            Figure 97.  Kart EZ-Fit Barrel

                            Figure 98.  Colt Collet Bushing

                            Figure 99.  Solid Bushings

                            Figure 100.  Barrel Link and Lower Lug

                            Figure 101.  Barrel Link and Lower Lug with Flatter Surface

                            Figure 102.  Standard vs. Extended Thumb Safeties

                            Figure 103.  Bullet Position vs. Slide Stop

                            Figure 104.  Dished-Out Traditional Grip Safety

                            Figure 105.  Drop-In Grip Safety

                            Figure 106.  Various Grip Safeties

                            Figure 107.  Shock Buffers

                            Figure 108.  Inertial Firing Pin Position

                            Figure 109.  Soft Hammer

                            Figure 110.  New Sear Surface

                            Figure 111.  Commander Hammer and Strut

                            Figure 112.  Hammer Hooks

                            Figure 113.  New Extractor Claw

                            Figure 114.  Smoothed Extractor Claw Surface

                            Figure 115.  Two-Piece Feed Ramp

                            Figure 116.  One-Piece Feed Ramp

                            Figure 117.  Disconnector Hole in Frame

                            Figure 118.  Polished Disconnector

                            Figure 119.  Cartridge Release Positions in Magazines

                            Figure 120.  Flat vs. Rounded Magazine Followers

                            Figure 121.  Various Magazine Followers

                            Figure 122.  Slide Stop Engagement with Magazine Follower

                            Figure 123.  Follower Forward of Magazine Body

                            Figure 124.  Examples of Different Magazine Followers

                            Figure 125.  Front Strap Notch

                            Figure 126.  Tripp Cobra Follower

                            Figure 127.  Lower Chamber Edge of Barrel

                            Figure 128.  Carry 1911s

                            Figure 129.  Colt Series 80 Mk IV

                            Figure 130.  Hand-Built Caspian Patriot

                            Figure 131.  Other Defensive Handgun Choices

                            Figure 132.  Empty Chamber

                            Figure 133.  Bushing Turned for Removal

                            Figure 134.  Slide Stop Lined Up with Notch

                            Figure 135.  Slide Assembly Ready to be Removed

                            Figure 136.  Rotating and Removing Bushing

                            Figure 137.  Barrel and Slide Removed

                            Figure 138.  Removing Firing Pin

                            Figure 139.  Colt 80 Series Firing Pin Safety

                            Figure 140.  Extractor Being Removed

                            Figure 141.  Field Stripped 1911

                            Figure 142.  Frame with Grips Removed

                            Figure 143.  Thumb Safety Being Removed

                            Figure 144.  Plunger Being Removed

                            Figure 145.  Colt Series 80 Lifter

                            Figure 146.  Plunger Assembly

                            Figure 147.  Mainspring Retaining Pin Removal

                            Figure 148.  Mainspring Housing Being Removed

                            Figure 149.  Mainspring Housing and Sear Spring

                            Figure 150.  Hammer Pin Removal

                            Figure 151.  Sear Pin Removal

                            Figure 152.  Magazine Release Removal

                            Figure 153.  Trigger Removal

                            Figure 154.  Sear and Disconnector

                            Figure 155.  Barrel Link Forward

                            Figure 156.  Colt Magazine Disassembly

                            Figure 157.  McCormick Magazine Disassembly





                            Table 1.  Norinco 1911 Chronograph Data

                            Table 2.  Kimber Custom Classic Chronograph Data

                            Table 3.  Springfield Armory 5" Chronograph Data

                            Table 4.  Colt Series 80 Mark IV Chronograph Data

                            Table 5.  Colt National Match Chronograph Data

                            Table 6.  Caspian/Colt 5" Custom Chronograph Data

                            Table 7.  Dan Wesson Patriot Expert Chronograph Data

                            Table 8.  STI Trojan 5" Chronograph Data

                            Table 9.  Springfield Armory Lightweight 5" Chronograph Data

                            Table 10.  Colt Commander Chronograph Data

                            Table 11.  Colt Defender Chronograph Data

                            Table 12.  Caspian .45 Long Slide Chronograph Data

                            Table 13.  9mm STI 6" Trojan Chronograph Data

                            Table 14.  STI Trojan .38 Super Chronograph Data

                            Table 15.  Colt Delta Elite 10mm Chronograph Data

                            Table 16.  Kimber Platinum .22 Chronograph Data

                            Table 17.  1911 .45 Magazine Dimensions

                            Table 18.  Notch Height in Various 1911 Pistols

                            Table 19.  Slide Stop Dimension Comparison

                            Table 20.  5" Slide Variations

                            Table 21.  5" Frame Variations

                            Table 22.  Ejector Lengths by Maker